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Get the documents you need without the hassle.

Social Insurance Number

A Social Insurance Number (SIN) is crucial for starting off your Canadian work experience on the right foot. We will walk you through the procedure of applying, provide documentation to gain a SIN and provide the location of your local office.

Drivers License

Driver's License rules differ from province to province. At SVS Relo we will walk you through the application procedure and test. Our consultants will also provide you with the location of the test.

Provincial Health Card

Canada provides world class healthcare to many, but accessing it is not always straight forward.

Here we explain what is and is not covered, provide application forms and provide information on what documents are required. We can also provide options for those not covered by current healthcare laws.

Banking & Credit Cards

No credit history in Canada often means that it is hard for new Canadians to start banking in Canada. Let us assist you with setting up bank accounts, obtaining a mortgage and tips on how to monitor and increase your credit score.

Relocating to Canada, contact us on 1 855 787 7356 or inquire online.

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